Affinity Group

Affinity employs a location, added value and green strategy to investments and developments while creating wealth and local, social and environmental benefits. We invest in commercial, residential and resort sectors globally.

We select strategic locations that have experienced significant growth and acquire properties close to major infrastructure developments such as Crossrail & Thameslink in London. We are actively acquiring sites for residential and mixed use regeneration in ‘hot spots’ within Greater London and other major European cities and their suburbs.

We add value to existing income producing commercial properties through tenant re-engineering, intense asset management, optimising the use of debt and equity to enhance return, and seeking optional planning uses for sites and undertaking developments that maximise value and minimise development risk.

With our Head Office in Mayfair, London, we have a dedicated team of property experts to advise and manage all our Portfolio of properties and secure new investment opportunities in key, strategic locations.